Diploma of Weight Management

Get qualified as an Advanced Weight Management Practitioner
or Advanced Health Coach

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Study online and at your own pace with confidence knowing this qualification is Government Accredited/Nationally Recognise

Plan Programs

Plan, conduct and evaluate advanced weight management programs and nutritional plans fully customised to your clients' needs and backed by insurance

Holistic Approach

Study a holistic approach to weight management underpinned by an educative approach in the concept of the human body as a non-linear and complex adaptive system

Specialist Skills

Apply specialised skills and knowledge in order to recognise interrelated contributing factors to weight gain and to develop research based programs

Course Outline

Course Code: 10698NAT

Qualification: Nationally & Internationally Accredited Diploma of Weight Management

Delivery: Online through our easy to use student learning system, with support from expert Tutors

Duration: Self-Paced Study – up to 18 months

Payment Options: Upfront or Payment Plan


Career Pathways

This course is intended to provide participants with a range of knowledge and skills to perform the following functions associated with the weight management industry:

  • Weight Management Specialist
  • Advanced Weight Management Practitioner
  • Advanced Health Coach

Course Overview

  • Work effectively in the weight management industry | WMTIND401A
  • Analyse and apply principles of psychology, mindset and behaviour modification to weight management | WMTPSY401A
  • Analyse and apply principles of nutritional science to meal planning | WMTDIT401A
  • Apply basic anatomy and physiology principles to exercise recommendations for weight management | WMTFIT401A
  • Recognise healthy body systems | HLTAAP001
  • Confirm physical health status | HLTAAP002
  • Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately | BSBMED301
  • Establish and manage client relationships | CHCCOM006
  • Work with diverse people |CHCDIV001
  • Research and apply evidence to practice | CHCPOL003
  • Reflect on and improve own professional practice | CHCPRP003
  • Conduct health screening for advanced weight management programs | DWMCHS001
  • Develop advanced weight management programs | DWMDAW002
  • Deliver and monitor advanced weight management programs | DWMMAW003
  • Manage legal and ethical compliance | CHCLEG003
  • Manage risk | BSBRSK501

Diploma Outcomes

The complex nature of weight management places a need within the industry to provide highly skilled practitioners for those clients who present with more complex needs.

This course is designed for individuals who wish to develop the skills, knowledge and experience in planning, conducting and evaluating advanced weight management programs. Advanced practitioners/health coaches have the ability to apply specialised skills and knowledge above the level possessed by practitioners/coaches. This enables them to recognise interrelated contributing factors to weight gain to identify program needs and to develop research-based programs, underpinned by an educative approach in the concept of the human body as a non-linear and complex adaptive system.

Advanced practitioners/coaches may work in supervisory roles, applying their skills and knowledge to assist team members with the identification of interrelated contributing factors and the development of advanced weight management programs. They may work as individuals in their own business or they may work in organisations alongside other weight management specialists and staff, either as a member of the team or in a supervisory role overseeing the work of others.

To that end, this course is intended to provide participants with a range of knowledge, and skills to perform the following functions associated with the role:

  • consulting with clients to provide appropriate services in a weight management setting
  • analysing and assessing lifestyle factors that may influence client obesity and obesity promoting behaviours
  • recognising and responding to the range of complex factors that may contribute to client body weight regulation
  • applying principles of psychology, nutrition and exercise science to weight management programming
  • recognising differing levels of client health literacy and interpreting medical and health terminology appropriately
  • conducting advanced client health screening consultations and risk assessments to inform the development of personalised weight management programs
  • developing and delivering advanced client weight management programs, including amending programs in response to individual client progress, referral parameters and providing support tools and resources to support clients
  • recognising the presence of high-risk conditions requiring client referral to medical or allied health practitioners for medical clearance or recommendations
  • working with others in a team or in a supervisory role in performing functions associated with the development, delivery and monitoring of advanced weight management programs.

Nationally & Internationally Accredited Course

The Australian College of Weight Management is committed to improving the standards of the Weight Management Industry and providing new and exciting career opportunities for our students. We have a strong network of recognised academic and industry professionals across the country who we work with to create a more united voice for obesity prevention and weight management. At the Australian College of Weight Management, we are proud to offer our students a quality education through the Certificate IV in Weight Management (10576NAT) and the Diploma of Weight Management (10698NAT) which have both received Accreditation and Professional Development recognition nationally and internationally. Studying with our College ensures you will receive a commitment to excellence and ongoing improvement processes.

What people are saying...

Amanda Koppen

I was a little scared of studying as I had been out of school for 23 years and I have 2 young children under the age of 4, but it is amazing what you can achieve when you start to do your passion. Everyone at the Australian College of Weight Management has been very supportive and they were always there for me when I needed them.

Ben Hidalgo – Owner - Holeshot Fitness

"As a qualified personal trainer I wanted to be able to provide a holistic approach for my clients including the ability to write meal plans. Studying Weight Management at the Australian College of Weight Management gave me exactly what I needed, my client base has now doubled to 250 clients per month."

Tanisha Tottman – Founder - Busy Slim

"Doing the Cert IV in Weight Management has been one of the best choices I have ever made! If you are serious about learning how to help people lose weight then you need look no further….this is definitely the qualification for you!"

Dianne Scott – Owner - Nutrition & Weight Loss Solutions

"The skills and confidence I gained from studying Weight Management with the Australian College of Weight Management as well as having access to industry experts gave me the confidence to take the next step and start my own business which is steadily growing and I’m loving it!"

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